What a wonderful day of debating!

16 teams of debaters took part in the annual Milngavie Week School Debate hosted in the school.  The morning saw the three preliminary rounds with teams and individuals amassing points hoping to break to the final.  Top scoring individuals were, from Douglas Academy, Eoghan Connolly, and from Milngavie Primary, Cat Lawson!

The other top speakers were, Douglas:  Meera Kaiser, Chloe Beardsley, Maeve Connolly and Tom Milling, and, Primary, Leia Gardener (Clober), Katie Wason (Milngavie), Pierce McGrory (Clober), and Rebecca Burns (Baldernock).

The four teams to break to the final were 

Clober Leia Gardener and Eoghan Connolly

Baldernock  Olivier Henderson and Chloe Beardsley

Clober Pierce McGrory and Meera Kaiser

Baldernock Jessica Coia and Maeve Connolly

After a spirited final debate the winning team was announced:

Olivier and Chloe are delighted to see the trophy head off to Baldernock Primary!

Well done to all 32 debaters!  




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