As part of the S2 Modern Studies course each year our pupils participate in The Youth and Philanthropy Initiative, which is managed in Scotland by the Wood Family Trust Foundation. The Trust distributes YPI grants of £2500 to local, community-based agencies by encouraging pupils to work together to research different charities and present their findings. The school raised a further £500 to contribute to the award. This enables pupils to develop a range of skills while increasing their awareness of the needs of the wider community. By choosing a local charity to research pupils gain hands-on experience, thereby helping to promote a sense of responsibility, respect and a commitment to building compassionate communities.

Since January, all second year pupils in Modern Studies have been involved in preparing presentations about their chosen charities with support and help from class teachers. Pupils in each class selected what they felt to be the best presentation and this went forward to the final, which was held on 15th June. The charities and groups chosen for the final were:

2A – Funny Lumps

Abigain Carrick, Poppy Hamilton, Christopher Lawson, Sam Scordia

2B – East Dunbartonshire Visually Impaired People’s Forum

Jonny Jones, Hugh Kaliski, Ashley Semple, Katie McKnight

2C – Cathleen’s Cabin

Fraser Spiers, Lauren MacQueen, Gregor Cunningham, Molly Thomson

2D – Maggies

Farhang Bakhshi, Meira Jardine, Ross McAllister, Alex Parlane

2E – Addiction Recovery Centre

Rachel Jobson, Ben Morrison, Adam Nicolson, Lucy Wink

2F – East Dunbartonshire Visually Impaired People’s Forum

Megan Johnston, Amy Sale, Lewis Taylor, Lachlan Tucker

The finalists delivered well-researched and insightful presentations each highlighting a very good cause and the judges, Hannah Duthie, Adam Murray and Mr Smedley had a difficult decision to make. The winning group came from 2F with Megan Johnston, Amy Sale, Lewis Taylor, Lachlan Tucker winning £3000 for the East

Dunbartonshire Visually Impaired People’s Forum. Sandy Taylor and Margaret Hutchison from EDVIP attended the event and were delighted that their group won £3000 for their charity.

Class teachers are proud to have watched the pupils develop new skills, gain a real understanding of the difficulties some people face in our modern society and make a difference through this very positive contribution to the local community. Our sincere thanks go to the finalists who delivered their presentations with such commitment and to Lynne Raynal of YPI who continues to make such an exciting and rewarding event possible.


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