PSE is central to pupils’ development and to the school ethos.  The enhancement of the attributes identified in “A Curriculum for Excellence” are central to the programme’s rationale.   Course themes are informed by the  “National Priorities in Education”: 

  • Achievement and Attainment;
  • Framework for Learning;
  • Inclusion and Equality;
  • Values and Citizenship; and
  • Learning for Life

 By offering a well resourced and relevant PSE curriculum we aim to ensure best practice in pastoral care.  Using the guidelines in “Happy, Safe and Achieving Their Potential” (Scottish Executive, 2005) the course meets the relevant standards of effective personal support.  Specifically, it aspires to: 

  • Make opportunities for developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes children and young people need to enable them to seek information and support throughout life.
  • Provide access to information to help children and young people make informed decisions and choices.
  • Provide regular reviews of progress in learning, and personal and social developments.
  • Help with transitions between stages in education and between different providers of education and personal development opportunities.
  • Help to plan for the future.
  • Coordinate support between agencies and schools, wherever learning takes place.

As a result of careful research and planning, and regular review of content, resources and methodologies we have developed a programme that corresponds to good practice, as outlined in “Personal Support for Pupils in Scottish Schools” (HMIe, 2004).