The Scottish Schools (Parent Involvement) Act 2006 makes provision for the involvement of parents in their children's education and in school education generally. 

The Act also outlines the establishment of a Parent Council made up of parents representing the views of the parental group as a whole. 

Douglas Academy Parent Council was established June 2007 and plays an active role in supporting parental involvement in the work and the life of Douglas Academy and provides opportunities for parents to express their views on children’s education and learning. 

Key activities that Douglas Academy Parent Council are involved in are : 

Supporting the work of the school. 

Representing parents’ views to the Headteacher, education authority and HMIE. 

Promoting activities and initiatives to improve education, learning and welfare of the schools’ pupils. 

Providing communication link between education authority, school, pupils and parent forum. 

Selection and appointment of senior staff. 

Further details of the Parent Council responsibilities are defined in the Parent Council constitution. 

Parent Council meetings are held 3 or 4 times per annum in the school conference room and open to any member of the parent forum. 

If you would like further information about the Parent Council or there are any issues you would like addressed by the Parent Council or discussed at a Parent Council meeting then please contact Parent Council as follows :- 

What is the Parent Forum?
What is the Parent Council?
What is the purpose of the Parent Council?
How does the Parent Council support the work of the school?
Who is the Parent Council accountable to?
How can I get involved?
How do I know when the next Parent Council meeting is?
Can I attend Parent Council meetings?
How do I know what the Parent Council are involved in?