Careers Advisers help support pupils to develop their Career Management Skills, through groupwork sessions for pupils from S1 to S4, careers interviews focusing on targeted groups of S3-S6 pupils and Option Choice interviews for all S3 pupils.

Our aim is to give pupils the skills and tools to make informed career choices throughout their lives as they prepare to leave Douglas Academy.

Contact information below for the Careers advisers that are based in Douglas Academy with the room and contact details.

Referals for an Appointment can be made by Guidance and Subject Teachers, Support Staff to Careers advisers, who will then make the appropriate contact.

1:1 Careers appointments happen throughout the year to support young people with their Career Management skills to make informed career decisions. Support with applications, CVs, Interviews etc available. 

 Career Contact  
Gina Kelly
Interview Room 4
Thursday & Friday

Careers Office linked to school is:
Skills Development Scotland
New College Lanarkshire,
50 Southbank Rd,
Glasgow G66 1NH


S4, S5 and S6
My World of Work