Transitions are the moves young people make from stage to stage, from primary to secondary, between schools and from secondary to further education and beyond. The vast majority of children and young people look forward to moving on and these moves almost always turn out to be positive experiences. However, the more support young people receive from parents and staff, the more smoothly these transitions take place. 

Secondary School Admissions 

Transfer Information will be issued to parents at the end of term one, in Primary 7. 

Visits to secondary schools are organised before the summer holidays and children from other catchment schools who will be attending the same secondary school will have the opportunity to meet and get to know each other and their teachers.   

If you wish your child to attend a secondary school other than the catchment denominational or non-denominational secondary school(s) for your home address, you will be required to make a Placing Request as detailed in the Placing Request section below. 

You do not need to submit a Placing Request if you want your child to transfer from a non-denominational secondary school or vice-versa at the primary to secondary transfer stage, as long as the intended secondary school is still the catchment school for your home address.  Parents of children who are planning to change from denominational to non-denominational or vice-versa between primary and secondary school should ensure that both the primary school and the intended secondary school know what is to happen.   

Catchment Secondary School 

Douglas Academy is the catchment secondary school for Baldernock Primary School, Clober Primary School, Craigdhu Primary School and Milngavie Primary School. 


Enrolment of pupils from the cluster transferring into secondary education at Douglas Academy is normally arranged through our cluster primaries, which are Baldernock, Clober, Craigdhu and Milngavie Primary. 

Parents of pupils from other primary schools can request that their children be enrolled here. The Head Teacher of the primary school concerned will be able to provide information about procedures to be followed in such cases. 

All parents of pupils offered or seeking a place in the school are invited each year to attend an evening for parents during the summer term before transfer takes place. At this meeting parents will be given the opportunity to learn about the structure of education within the school. 

There is close liaison between primary and secondary colleagues in order to ensure continuation of educational provision and to ease the transition from primary to secondary.  Douglas Academy’s Support for Learning Department liaises closely with our associated  and other primaries over the course of P7 to ensure the smooth transition of pupils with additional support needs. 

An important time for prospective S1 pupils are the P7 Open Days, which take place in May or June.   These provide P7 pupils with an excellent opportunity to taste some secondary subjects, meet teachers and experience the atmosphere of the school in general. 

A junior version of the school handbook, entitled “Going To Douglas!” is also issued to new S1 pupils. 

Parents should note that in cases where their daughter/son is currently in attendance at a primary school as a result of a successful placing request, there will be the need for a further request to be made to transfer to the secondary school associated with the primary school.   Parents should, however, be aware that there is no guarantee that any such request will be successful and therefore contact should be made with your local secondary school to inform them of your intention to request a place in a school of your choice. Parents are requested to contact the education office to clarify this position if they are unsure. 

Parents who want to send their child to a school other than the catchment school must make a placing request.  Parents of pupils who have moved into the catchment area or who wish their child to transfer to the school, should contact the school office for information.