We value our young people and are proud of their many accomplishments. We offer our young people a stimulating and challenging learning and teaching environment and a host of opportunities to achieve in the widest sense.

"Neart Tre Eolas"

Douglas Academy School Motto

Our Gaelic school motto is “Neart Tre Eolas” meaning “Strength through Knowledge”. We wish our young people to develop strength of conviction, strength of purpose and strength of self. We wish them to become knowledgeable about the world and knowledgeable in the world so that when they leave us they are ready to change the world. 

A strong ethos for learning and achieving has been developed and built upon in the school. As a result, our young people are highly motivated and determined to succeed. They display the essential characteristics of Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors, Responsible Citizens and Successful Learners. 

The HMIe Inspection Report published in March 2010 mentions as particular strengths of the school: 

  • “A strong ethos and welcoming environment for learning” 
  • “The confident young people and their very positive relationships with staff” 

Young people’s achievements are celebrated through our Awards ceremonies, at assemblies, in the school newsletter and on the front page of our school website.