The promotion of pupils' welfare means that the Principal Teachers of Guidance and the extended guidance team are involved in almost every aspect of school life. 

Guidance Principal Teachers are active in, among other areas, ensuring that pupils receive a relevant, up to date and suitable Personal and Social Education (PSE) programme; ensuring that first years settle in well and make a successful transition from primary; that children are provided with important information about health and career choices appropriate to their age and stage and; that pupils have opportunities to become active within the school community.

The following section describes the aims, objectives and means of implementation of Douglas Academy’s guidance policy.  More detailed aspects of the work of the guidance department are described in separate sections in this handbook.   

The aims and objectives are consistent with the standards of high quality pupil support that ‘Happy, Safe and Achieving Their Potential’ (Scottish Executive, 2005) describes, and with developing the attributes in ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’. 

First Year 
Second Year 
Third Year 
Fourth Year
Fifth and Sixth Years