In Art and Design pupils are given exciting opportunities to develop their creativity and problem solving skills, explore personal interests and be inspired through the sheer enjoyment of the subject. 

By engaging in a wide range of two- and three-dimensional media and technologies pupils participate in a variety of practical activities and are encouraged to create, express, and communicate ideas and develop their own visual language. Through studying the work of artists and designers their enjoyment is enhanced and their knowledge and understanding deepened.

The Art and Design Department offers a wide range of creative experiences to all pupils from S1 to S6 such as painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, fashion and textile design, mask making, body adornment and headpiece design. Photography is now a permanent feature in the curriculum and junior pupils can attend lunchtime workshops to enhance their skills and techniques in photography.

S1/2 pupils participate in a variety of competitions including the annual Thomas Muir and John Byrne competition amongst others. The Glasgow Museums Competition with a related museum/gallery visit is also a regular feature. S3 pupils are often given the opportunity to attend an exhibition related to their Art and Design Studies such as viewing the Joan Eardley archive at the Lillie Art Gallery.

Pupils in S1/2 can participate in the ‘Art and Design Club’, which allows them to experience working in a team while providing exciting opportunities to learn new, innovative and creative skills such as printmaking, ceramics and jewellery making. The Art and Design Club also encourage enterprise skills with responsibility for the design and manufacture of the annual Douglas Academy Christmas Cards.

All pupils enjoy an open door policy within the department and through arrangement with their class teacher, are welcome to come to Art and Design in their free time at lunch or after school for extra tuition.


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