Douglas Academy, which opened for the first time in 1967, is a six year non-denominational, co-educational, comprehensive school serving the Milngavie, Craigton and Baldernock areas. 

The coat of arms on our school badge combines references to its geographical position and to the history of the grounds in which it is situated. The upper half, with its cross and roses, is part of the arms of the Burgh of Milngavie, while the lower half shows symbols associated with the Douglas family, owners for many generations of the Mains Estate on which the school stands. By tradition, the heart represents the heart of Bruce, taken by a member of the Douglas family on crusade against the Moors. The Gaelic motto "Neart-Tre-Eolas" means "Strength Through Knowledge". 

As part of an extensive PPP project embarked upon by East Dunbartonshire Council, the school now enjoys, still within the original school grounds, a carefully designed, modern building with facilities fit for purpose and fit for the 21st century. The Music School of Douglas Academy, which was set up in 1979 to provide specialist provision in music for gifted young musicians, has been incorporated into the main building within a uniquely designed space. 

Our pupils come to us in First Year full of excitement and high expectations. Within six years, or sometimes earlier, they will leave us, equipped to play a full and positive role within the society of tomorrow. 

In Douglas Academy we offer the opportunity for every pupil to enjoy a range of subjects suited to their aptitudes and interests, stimulating and engaging learning and teaching experiences and a host of extra-curricular activities which help to make them more rounded individuals. We are confident that with the support of teachers, support staff, parents and carers they will become Successful Learners, Responsible Citizens, Effective Contributors and Confident Individuals who will change the world of tomorrow for the better. When our First Years leave us as young adults, ready to face the world, we wish them to be able to look back and think "That was a great place to be! I felt valued, cared for, appreciated and challenged!" 

Effective communications with parents and carers are essential in order to have an effective home-school partnership. Pupils do well when they know that, together, we all have their best interests at heart. We are a listening school and wish to engage in effective dialogue with all who have a concerned interest in the wellbeing of our pupils. To that end we value home contact and would encourage you to be in touch if at any time you have a concern. 

We appreciate that Douglas Academy sits within a wider community and in that respect have very high expectations of our pupils in terms of their engagement with and contribution to that wider community. All of our pupils should wear our dress code with pride and know that within the wider community they are ambassadors for Douglas Academy by their words and actions.